Do you have a favorite season?

I love the different seasons and the beauty each one brings…

Winter… longer nights, hibernation, beautiful snow falls, snowmen, my papa’s snow ice cream, footprints in the snow, deer, roaring fires, Christmas, Christmas lights, Christmas music, Christmas decorations, smells of evergreens and cinnamon, yummy Christmas goodies, family, flannel pajamas, snuggling under a warm heavy quilt or fluffy down comforter, curling up to a classic movie or great book, apple cider and more pajamas!

Spring… rain showers, greenery, nature walks, Easter, picnics, gardens, beautiful blooms, baseball, sounds of birds chirping, warmer weather, open windows and new life.

Summer… longer days, a good book under a shade tree, hammocks and porch swings, sounds of crickets and cicadas (thanks to my mother in law for clarifying this for me), fresh fruits and veggies, green plush grass soft on your toes and the smell of it freshly cut, swimming, shorts, flip flops and beautiful rays of warm sunshine.

Fall… beautiful bold colors, falling leaves, cool breeze and open windows, smells of fall, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, crisp cool air, apples, Turkey, football season, bonfires, hoodies, boots, Thanksgiving, hot chocolate, s’mores, pumpkins and pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes.

Every season offers so much beauty and sweetness but they can also be brutal…ice, extreme hot/cold, tornados, floods, losing belongings and loved ones.

Changes of the seasons are so much like the different seasons of our lives. Throughout our lives, we will experience disappointment, tragedy and heartbreak. But we will also experience beauty, sweetness and new life. What we focus on matters. If our thoughts on spring are constantly…I hate the rain, storms, mud, mess and all the negative…our minds will be all filled up with the ugly and we’ll miss the sweetness and the beauty. Look back up at all the good stuff spring brings us. New life! And it comes in so many different forms. Sure, we have to deal with the ugly. When we lose someone or something tragic happens, we have to work through those things. We can’t just ignore them or we won’t be healthy…mentally, spiritually or physically. But we have to make sure we are scattering more sweetness in our lives as we are working through the junk. We don’t want to become so focused on the junk that we are savoring it instead of the sweetness. That would make for a pretty rotten life. It would be like savoring poop! Who wants to do that? Don’t savor poop!

I am thankful for all of my sweet blessings throughout my life and what each new day brings me. I am my heavenly father’s daughter and he is always with me! That’s the biggest blessing of all.

Focus and savor the sweet stuff each season brings!

What are your favorites?

Much love,


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