Why I drug test – Addiction slithers into your life undetected like a venomous rattlesnake

It slithers into your life…going undetected like a venomous rattlesnake camouflaged and disguised by deceptiveness. You don’t know it’s there until it suddenly strikes and sinks its venomous sharp fangs into your unsuspecting self.  Did you hear the rattle? Maybe. But you weren’t sure.  You weren’t sure until you felt the excruciating pain of the venom as it was injected and quickly flowing throughout…causing massive destruction.  Too late…treatment is needed. And so it begins…


Yes, I drug test/ed my boys.

I DON’T test because I believe my boys (they will always be my boys) are using drugs…because I don’t.

I DON’T test because I believe they are bad…because I know they are awesome young men.

BUT I also know…

Addiction has a deep rooted strong hold on my family.

Several of our much loved people have died because of addiction. Others have fallen down and climbed back up very treacherous paths….almost losing themselves and their lives in the process.

Addiction isn’t isolated to people who come from broken homes, lower class or uneducated people.

Addiction doesn’t care if you or your mom and dad have money…or not. It doesn’t care if you or your mom and dad are important…or not. It doesn’t care who you are.

Addiction steals, kills and destroys…it creates people who do the same.

Addiction is the enemy.

Addiction sneaks in like a thief. Quiet. Undetected and frighteningly dangerously disguised. I test because I need an alarm. Something that says….Look! Hello? This is important! Pay attention…we may have a problem!

I don’t test for punishment…I test to save lives.

Because I know addiction destroys so many. Because I know the things addiction steals from us…and they aren’t things at all. They are moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, kids, teachers, nurses, lawyers, doctors, preachers… They are love, hugs, kisses, relationships, security and so much sweetness.

I test because if I wait until I believe they are using…it could be too late.

I test because…I know drugs are rampant and all around us. It’s too much of a problem within our world to wait and depend on the school, doctor, police or hospital to test. I test because I love them and I know what it’s like to lose people I love to the destruction of addiction. I’ve seen the darkness.

I’ve been honest with my boys. They’ve known I would/will randomly drug test them (during the crucial years as they are growing and learning). It gives them an out with their peers (if they want an out – but they could certainly choose to use)…but they can always use “my crazy mom drug tests me” as an out if they choose.

One was having a very bad reaction to a prescription medication and an over the counter medication that he had taken together. But we didn’t initially know that was the cause. Thankfully, I drug tested. Not because I thought he was using but so we could disprove it was drugs. We had to treat the underlying cause. He eliminated both medications and has never had the issue again. Thankfully we had an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate physician.

I test because the $40 over-the-counter drug test is worth every single penny.

The first step is determining if there is a problem…we have a brilliant physician for guidance. She gets the strong hold of addiction and understands the disease. She also gets people, anxiety, depression and other issues that could lead to self-medicating and addiction.

My hope is that my boys (guys) would look at all the tragedy and darkness drugs and alcohol have created for people we love…and choose not to use. I’m not stupid. I know there is a difference between drinking and being an alcoholic. But I also know…for me and my family – one drink or one hit could be the start of a very dark and treacherous path.

I’m certainly not the knower of all things.  I’m a mom just trying my best.  I LOVE my boys and being their mom. Blessed!

Much love!

Finding the sweet side of crazy!


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